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  • The Mental Tax of Conscious & Unconscious Code-Switching + A Live DEI Audit This Thursday @ 12 PM ET!

The Mental Tax of Conscious & Unconscious Code-Switching + A Live DEI Audit This Thursday @ 12 PM ET!

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The Mental Tax of Conscious & Unconscious Code-Switching

ICYMI, DEI in 5 Live is back! Last week I was joined by Caren Young, the Founder of The Professional Adult, and Clarissa "Clo" Fuselier, founder of Inclusion.Logic. We explored the complex nature of code-switching.

During our conversation, we explored the concept of code-switching, or the conscious or unconscious adjusting of one's behavior, language, and/or appearance to navigate environments where one's identity or experiences aren’t the norm.

Some key takeaways:

  • Code-switching can be a survival tactic and a way to navigate professional spaces.

  • It involves performing and adapting to fit into certain environments or meet societal expectations.

  • This constant adjustment can be mentally taxing and exhausting.

  • Building self-awareness and recognizing when code-switching occurs is crucial.

  • Black individuals often experience double consciousness, navigating multiple cultural contexts.

  • Fostering authentic spaces can help reduce the mental burden of code-switching.

  • The ultimate goal is a world where code-switching isn't necessary, and everyone is valued for who they are.

Check out the full conversation above or directly on YouTube.

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Join Me This Thursday for “DEI in 5” Live!

This Thursday, at Noon ET, I’ll be joined by Carmela Montenegro, a DEI Consultant for the Outdoor Industry, Digital Marketer, and Founder of Not Mad, Just Misunderstood. Together, we'll be doing a real-time audit and review of a handful of websites, products, and marketing materials, asking ourselves: "Is this inclusive?" We'll share tips and discuss key things to look out for to ensure inclusive language, accessibility, inclusive imagery, photo composition, and more. Join us live on YouTube and LinkedIn.

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